About Milk Library

Milk Library is a campaign for “book floating” with second hand books available for sharing for free; at the same time, anyone taking a book is encouraged to leave one behind, fulfilling a virtuous circle of “take one, share one”.

Campaign thematic

Instead of giving a finished, but unwanted book... what about giving a free gift to a "stranger"? "Milk Library" is so named as reading provides nutrition for the soul and "Milk" is essential for every child's development and the growth, so combined the name "Milk Library" illustrates our concept of providing additional nutrition for the soul.

In our view, books are a place for knowledge, and a shelter for loneliness. We want participants to find a warm soulmate in reading.

Book donation guidelines

Books donated to the Milk Library Campaign are subject to certain guidelines. In general, please be aware that we do not take responsibility for any books circulated via our Milk Library campaign, and we do not review the contents of individual books.

Please click here for a copy of our Book Donation Guidelines (last updated on 28 June 2018).

Milk Library logo

The IREF logo, the Milk Library logos, and characters used for promotion of Milk Library on social media and print media (including the characters "Milky" and "Yogurt") are used under license from Qian Yu Creative Limited. (C) 2018-2020 Qian Yu Creative Limited.